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Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Trust : A New Beginning Trust Trilogy Book One By: Cristiane Serruya *Book Excerpt, Review & Giveaway*

Genre: Adult Contemporary Romance

ISBN 13: 978-1480236295

Number of pages: 464

Book Description:

They are beautiful. They are rich. They are strong willed and successful. They have everything, but love. And each one of them has a dark secret looming in their past.

Sophia is a 25 year old Brazilian widow. Intelligent and ravishing, she flees from her own country after a tragic incident. Hiding from everyone and everything, she remains alone, torn between the love for a dead man, the torment of living without part of her memory and the fear of moving on. 

Ethan is one of the most important tycoons in the steel industry. As the memory of an awful evening in his adolescence haunts him night and day, he keeps looking for an elusive woman whom he could love - and who would love him - as he never has in all his 35 years... Until he finds Sophia. 

Alistair is a 34 year old powerful banker, searching for one–night stands with women who will warm his bed. And that he can punish physically to abate his anger for his late wife's black deeds and his own guilt for being such a debauched man for so many years. Any woman will do, and he has many to choose from, as they all fall instantly for his manly, devilish charming ways.

In Europe, in the months after October 2009, their paths will cross and clash. Who will win the prize of love?

Book Excerpt

Chapter 6
London, The City, Victoria Embankment. The City of London Bank Headquarters. Wednesday, January 20th, 2010.
10.10 a.m.

Alistair Connor MacCraig entered the meeting room from the connecting door of his office. The room was empty. He looked at his vintage Patek Philip Perpetual Calendar Moonphase.
Wales is already ten minutes late. Alistair didn’t do late. He opened the door to the reception room, looked around and noticed the back of two heads, one dark, one fair, inclined close together, engaged in an intimate conversation. He motioned for his personal assistant to come in. “MacKeenan, could you please let Mr. Wales know that he is late while I start the meeting?”
Sophia looked at her watch and whispered to Edward, “I hate waiting.”
“Heavens, Sophia. It’s only been ten minutes.” He smiled at her. “How did you cope with Gabriela’s pregnancy?”
Her hazel eyes sparkled and the corners of her lips twisted. “Perfectly fine. I was already working then and if I was bored I just invented a new idea for her room or bought something new for her.”
“Poor, poor Gabriel,” he chuckled.
“Poor Gabriel?” She giggled, remembering how protective and overwhelming her husband had been. “Poor, poor me! He panicked when I told him I was pregnant. In the last month, he almost locked me inside the apartment.” She repressed a laugh and whispered to him. “When I told him it was time to go the hospital, I thought he was going to faint.”
The secretary approached them. “Mr. MacCraig is ready to receive you. This way, please.”
“Sophia, let me do the talking,” Edward whispered in her ear before entering the meeting room.
She paused at the tall, wide door, raised one eyebrow, looked at him, and made a face.
Men! “Trust me, Edward, I won’t put my foot in my mouth.” She put a hand on his arm, squeezed and stepped into the room.
Alistair scowled at his watch again and turned to look out at the London skyline. A well-known boredom took over his soul.
Another unvaried, insipid day. Yesterday, today, tomorrow. Every day is the same. Will light ever come back to my wearisome life? He heard the room door open again.
Another dull meeting discussing this contract. Today, I’ll get this account. At least, something to brighten my day. He pasted a smile on his face, turned on his heels and steeped forward to greet the CEO of Leibowitz Oil. But he stopped dead in his tracks.
Suddenly, Alistair’s private sun shed a bright ray of light from behind the dark, heavy clouds that had enclosed his life for more than five years.
Fuck! Davidoff is accompanied by a woman. A magnificent beauty. His world spun on its axis, leaving him lightheaded. He watched, paralyzed, as she paused at the door, made a teasing face at Davidoff, rested an elegant hand on his arm, spoke something, and gave him a reassuring smile.
Are they lovers? The thought annoyed him. Why, he didn’t know. The woman advanced a few steps and looked around the room, halting with parted lips when her gaze locked with his. He felt unsettled. She has the most beautiful hair I’ve ever seen. Black as night and endless as the universe. Her flawless and honey-dipped skin. Her light hazel eyes, fringed by long raven lashes. Her thin and straight nose and her mouth... Christ! Her mouth is full and moist. Red. No lipstick, no gloss, just a natural, lush, fucking mouth.
His gaze surveyed her as she looked at Edward. Her long and slender neck. And she’s biting her full bottom lip and I... I’m getting an erection from this simple action. Ah. Fuck. The way she just licked her lips. His cock applauded and he gave himself a brisk mental shake. For Christ’s sake, Alistair Connor. You’re not a horny teenager anymore.
His eyes remained glued to her as she moved in his direction, taking in the movements of her long elegant hands flattening her dress onto her body. Desire shot hotter through him. Lean, voluptuous body. Her legs... Is she a model? He cocked his head to the side. No, not tall enough. What is she doing here? Alistair shook himself inward. Stop this. Stop! It’s just another woman. And much too young. Most likely a trainee or Davidoff’s assistant. In all probability, she’s sharing his bed.
He couldn’t take his eyes off her.
She has an angelic aura around her, but... He knew women. They fell at his feet everyday offering their bodies for money and status. This one won’t be any different. Christ, I really am a cynic. Come now, Alistair Connor, this is work. He smiled and extended his hand.

My Review Will Be Posted Soon

About the Author:

I live in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, with my husband and two daughters. I'm a lawyer, who specializes in cases of sexual abuse and violence against children and women. I also have a Masters in Business Law and a BA in Fine Arts. 

I've always loved to read, write and listen to music. I lived and studied in England, France, Italy and Switzerland. Traveling is one of my passions - as is keeping fit and healthy. 

After twenty-two years of practicing law, I decided to give writing a go. And - amazingly - it was just the piece that was missing in my life.




  1. I really want to read this book! :)

  2. Hello, Mariana,
    Good luck on the giveaway and thanks for stopping by at My love for films... This blog is amazing and I'm honored that Marissa has hosted me and My book here!
    And for you Marissa a warm hug form a sunny Rio de Janeiro.
    Thanks for your support.


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