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Saturday, November 30, 2013

The Weight Of Words By: Georgina Guthrie *Review & Tour-Wide Giveaway*

Hey everyone! It's been a while since I have posted, I know. Later this upcoming week I hope to post a posting about that. Enjoy this post and my review. I hope I'm not so rusty in writing one because it's been a while. Anyway I hope you follow this tour, purchase the book and of course read because it was sure a pleasure to read! :)

Title: The Weight of Words (Weight of Words #1)
Author: Georgina Guthrie
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Age Group: New Adult
Publication Date: November 26, 2013
Publisher: Omnific Publishing
Cover by: Micha Stone and Amy Brokaw
Event organized by: Literati Author Services, Inc.

Aubrey Price is in the final months of her undergraduate degree at the University of Toronto. Bright, witty and fiercely independent, Aubrey works part-time for the college Dean and has her sights set on graduating with distinction. When she meets Dean Grant’s son, Daniel, the TA in her senior Shakespearean studies course, a shared love of the Bard’s works and an instant mutual attraction draw Aubrey and Daniel together. Unfortunately, a strict anti-fraternizing policy, made more perilous by a black mark on Daniel’s record, keeps them apart.

Against this academic backdrop, Aubrey and Daniel navigate their way through a steamy courtship, their forbidden romance aided, abetted and sometimes thwarted by a colorful cast of friends, family and classmates.

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About the Author
Georgina Guthrie has been a self-professed book hugger for as long as she can remember. An avid reader and compulsive diarist, she is thrilled to be taking the leap into the world of publishing. GG resides in Toronto, Canada, but she still considers herself a Brit through and through and can often be found roaming the aisles of her favourite British import shop.
A graduate of the University of Toronto where she studied English literature, GG is happy to fill her hours reading and writing, but she’s just as likely to be found enjoying a good film with her husband, dancing around the kitchen with her daughter, or hanging out with friends and family, almost certainly with a glass of red wine in one hand a bag of cheese and onion crisps in the other.
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 My Review
(Thank you to the Author/Publisher for providing a ARC)

First, I would love to applaud the Author for being an awesome writer. I loved this story even more because of the writing. Everything flowed really well. The settings made me feel like I was there, especially the college campus and the areas around that. I loved that each chapter started with a verse or a quote from one of Shakespeare's plays and the story revolving Shakespeare as there is a class about The Bard was pretty nice. I love reading scenes that include a class including Literature ones because it reminds me of my own classes since I'm a college student :) Shakespeare definitely blended into the story well and I love how well it was included so the Author did a great job in doing that. 

Now, the was purely enjoyable. I have not been reading that many novels due to a heavy load of work in my classes this semester, but this story was surely a nice distraction. In a sense I felt that this reminded me of another wonderful story, Gabriel's Inferno, because of the teacher and student relationship and it being located in Canada but this one definitely has it's own freshness to the plot so that also kept me turning the pages. I liked Aubrey as to me she seems like a realistic character that doesn't have a great family life but she puts all her energy into her school work. Her crush towards TA Daniel seems natural and her feelings did not seem over the top, but to me, it just seems natural as we get descriptions including physical ones of Daniel and who wouldn't have a crush on him? I will write that this story goes beyond crushes as Daniel reveals that he likes Aubrey very much but....they got a dilemma with the TA and student thing so they basically cannot pursue a real relationship until fifty or so days pass so this is one of the struggles that they face, will they make it?

Again this story was really great with so many supporting characters including Aubrey's best friends and Daniel's family. They helped me to really get a bigger idea of what Aubrey and Daniel are like. I so did not want this story to end. I think where it stopped seemed appropriate because there are going to being two more books (very happy about this!!!) so after learning about that, I'm good. Everyone who is interested in this book, do read it! I am now looking forward to book 2 & 3 and after you read this so will you :)

My Review: 4.5/5
I say PG-13 (There is Adult language and Adult Content)

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  1. Ooh, this one sounds really interesting! Love to hear that their love is not that asdfghjkl insta love! :D

    Thanks for sharing :D

    Neysa @ [B.O.O.K.L.I.F.E]

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