Hey everyone! Welcome to my new Blog! My old one (For The Love Of Film And Novels) is currently active and will be until this June.

This Blog still needs A LOT of work haha :) as you can see, but it should be up and ready with all of my old followers from my other blog and other posts sometime in April so yeah just wanted to all let you know and I apologize if there's any confusion! Oh and if you are new, please do follow, any way you can and hope you visit again :)

Monday, December 2, 2013

A Mini B-Day Giveaway :)

Hey everyone! I know I haven't blogged that much this semester and I hope that changes once I am on winter break. Today is my Birthday, yes it is, and I just wanted to give you all a Mini Giveaway just for my thanks for even stopping by this blog and my old one. I really do appreciate it so this Giveaway is for you and new people who decide to check out my blog :)

- This Giveaway is INT so you can all Enter.
- I am gifting 1 E-Book to Two Different Winners via Amazon.
- I have three different entries and they are not mandatory but be sure to of course do one if you want to be possibly picked by the rafflecopter. 

- This Giveaway will end this Sunday Dec. 8th so if you want, tell others about it too.

Thank you :)


  1. Happy Birthday!! Hope you have a GREAT day!

  2. Happy birthday! Thank you for the giveaway :)

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